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Why I Volunteer

Greg Nadolny a “Selfish Helper”

I volunteer because I’m convinced that when you help people you are a much happier person. I do not spend as much time worrying about myself. I have always wanted to help and volunteering at Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach is my outlet. It is the place where I have found my own little way of helping out. I read a lot about eastern philosophies. They say helping other people makes your life better; compassion seems to be the key to happiness. I believe in selfish altruism, I call myself a selfish helper. To someone who is thinking about volunteering I would say: “Do you want to be happier? Help other people!” “You, too, can get involved with Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach and make a positive change in someone’s life.

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David & Charmaine Inge

I love volunteering with the Outreach. I enjoy having the ability to make an impact on children’s lives. Often, the children do not get much support at home. It is so rewarding to see the children grow up and do so well. Most of them go on to live successful and productive lives.

You can make a positive impact in a child’s life when they see that you are interested. Children are encouraged when they know you are invested in their future. I hope that more volunteers will become involved with the program in the future. With more volunteers, we will be able to spend more one on one time with each child, get to know them, their situation, and what they struggle with the most.

I think volunteering is important because when willing people come together, new ideas are born. As a volunteer, you can do so much, no matter how you decide to get involved. It is also nice to learn new things, meet new people and, most importantly, make a positive impact on someone’s life and not get stagnant in your own life.” - Charmaine February 2014

Our Lady of Mercy was blessed for over eighteen years by our Volunteer Charmaine Inge and her husband David. Charmaine passed away in May of 2014, and David moved closer to his family. The Our Lady of Mercy family is grateful for their years of service and miss them both.

Rich Bennett

When people ask me why I volunteer, I tell them that I like to give back. It sounds trite, but there is something to it. I am fortunate in many ways including having the best wife, daughter, and two wonderful grandchildren in my life. I consider myself a lucky man and I want to share.

If you have an interest in giving to your community, find some commonality between your interests and volunteer opportunities. In my case, I’m fascinated by linguistics and love to teach so teaching English as a Second Language classes is the right fit for me.




Mariela Alvarado-Luna

My name is Mariela and I’m 18 years old. I was born in the United States, but both of my parents are Mexican. Our Lady of Mercy has been a part of my life since I was two years old. I started in the child care program while my parents took English as a Second Language classes. From there I participated in the Yes I Can! After school program and the Yes I Can! Summer camp. Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach has helped me through the years, and now, in turn, I am happy to give back through volunteering. My dream is to one day work in healthcare, so I have sought out opportunities in this field to help people. Read More about Mariela.




More Reasons to Volunteer