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Why I Volunteer

Mary Romero

Mary RomeroMary Romero first came to the area in the early nineties to enjoy family vacations. After repeated visits she and her husband Tony decided to call the area home. Volunteering is central to her identity and she has always been active in either her children’s schools or as part of her congregation. After the move Mary sought opportunities to give back to her new community and found Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach.

Mary was drawn to Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach by the organization’s focus on helping people to better themselves. Her interests in helping children succeed led her to the Yes I Can! youth education programs. She has since been involved in both the after school and summer camp. She has seen firsthand how her involvement can make a difference in children’s lives.

“At first the children will often start working and feel the work is too hard, or they do not think they are smart enough. By sitting down and caring and showing they can do it, I have seen kids turn around and believe in themselves.”

It is not only the volunteers; she has seen the children support each other as well. Last year a girl who spoke no English attended Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach’s Yes I Can! summer camp. She was extremely shy at the beginning of the camp but the kids embraced her and by the end of the summer she was smiling and getting along with everyone.

In her own words, Mary told us, “I love seeing these kids learn and grow and I love watching their self-esteem blossom! The Yes I Can! youth education programs give the children an opportunity to feel good about themselves. These programs provide the children with the support and encouragement they need to know that with hard work and commitment to their studies they can be successful.”

To someone interested in volunteering Mary would say, “…do not hesitate! It is a tremendously rewarding experience. There is nothing better than giving a little bit of your time because the little bit goes so far. It really makes a difference in people’s lives.” You, too, can get involved with Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach and have a positive impact on a child’s life! For more information on how to get involved with Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach contact Zachary Huey via phone (843) 559-4109 or email zachary.huey@olmoutreach.org. We are now seeking volunteers to help with the summer camp! If you are interested please reach out or come to the training June 22nd at 10:00 am.

Kathy Tronco

She first heard of Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach from a friend who volunteered at the Yes I Can! summer camp with her son. She thought it sounded great, and the camp worked with her traveling schedule, so she got involved. Now 5 years later Kathy is still an active volunteer who helps at the camp every summer providing her skills to help improve the lives of the children at camp. Making a difference begins by caring and taking the time to share with a child. Through simple actions, kind words and patience the presence of a volunteer can make a difference. To someone who wants to volunteer Kathy says “try it and you will like it. You will receive more than you give and to know you had an impact on a child’s life is priceless.” Read more about Kathy's story.

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